We prepare students to succeed in a tech-driven world

Our 75+ hour Innovation Camps in Silicon Valley will change your perspective of the future


InnovaLab was founded in 2013 with the goal to help students around the world to understand and succeed in a world driven by technology


We believe that Silicon Valley's "fail fast, break things" mindset is not only effective, but it is the only framework capable of dealing with the future


We have impacted thousands of students around the world who either attended our programs in Silicon Valley or were mentored by our team


What do students learn in our Silicon Valley Innovation Camps?

The latest tech trends

Understand how AI, AR, biotech, robotics, quantum computing, nanotech, 3D printing, crypto and other technologies will impact your future even if you are not interested in technology

The future of work

Confused about what career to follow and what are going to be the professions of tomorrow? In our Innovation Camps you will see how technology is reshaping the jobs of the future and understand your place in the decades ahead

Put ideas into action

Workshops of design thinking, lean startup, 3D printing, fast prototyping and others will teach students on how to implement and execute their ideas into the real world

Storytelling and Communication

In a world full of noise, it is imperative to learn how to pitch and position yourself, your product or company. The Innovation Camp wraps up with a demo day where students need to sell their ideas in just a few minutes


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