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InnovaLab® is a San Francisco based educational company preparing students and educators for a tech driven world since 2013. Our instructors and mentors are successful professionals who want to give back  to society. 


We use the Silicon Valley's "fail fast, break things", the only framework capable of dealing with an entrepreneurial jobs market, exponential technologies and future-proof skills that are not taught in schools.


We have mentored thousands of students, entrepreneurs and educators. Our global network span 40+ countries and we have experience teaching and dealing with students and educators from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. 



At Innovalab I learned so many things about how technology is relevant to my future and how important it is to be aware of how the world is changing around you. 

Valhalla High School - Junior student - San Diego - CA



When I first signed up for Innovalab, I did not know what to expect, but what I do know now is that my expectations fell short. Throughout this journey of self discovery, I learned from great stories of superation and perseverance as I understood what I wanted for me and my near future.

University of Pennsylvania - Freshman in Systems and Science Engineering, Data - Philadelphia - PA



The most valuable lesson I learned during at Innovalab is the importance of being flexible. You don’t always need to fit in or adapt to a specific job.There should always be room to explore all your different abilities and to go back and forth between ideas until you reach your goal.

Porto Seguro High School - Junior student - Valinhos - Brazil



My experience at Innovalab changed the way I look at most obstacles I encounter.  Today, in every problem I see an opportunity, a chance to understand the issue at hand and search for the best solution for other people. Albeit it does not substitute competence, this mentality prepares us to take innovative actions in our specialty specialty fields.

ESALQ/USP - Sophomore 

student in agriculture engineering  - Piracicaba - Brazil