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Innovation Camp Summer '19

Our 8th Innovation Camp ended on July 18. As usual, our high school students (aged 14-18) had the chance to interact with top speakers and mentors from Silicon Valley and also ask them many relevant questions. Below is a snapshot of what students have seen and learned during these 10 days of lectures, workshops, mentorships and visits to startups and large companies.

Day 1

Silicon Valley Culture and Tech Trends

Reinaldo Normand, CEO of InnovaLab, talks about Silicon Valley Culture and the future of tech

Trying VR

Human Centered Design workshop

What have students learned in this day?

“How AI is actually evolving, in the most diverse fields, and how this is changing society."

“I've learned how Human Centered Design projects work, and the changes that they may cause in the society"

"I loved the workshop and the way she taught us the steps for creating a product."

Day 2

Augmented Reality Experience at Apple Park

Knowing more about the technology behind Tesla

Intel Museum

Workshop: Garbage in Garbage out

What have students learned in this day?

“I was always curious about how chips are made (oddly enough). I found today super exciting."

"Moore's law: the exponential growth of technology."

Day 3

Storytelling workshop

Seamus Yu Harte, Lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University

Theo, Mariana and Amelie, at the Storytelling workshop

Mariana, Gabriel and Vrinda

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Amy Sinclair, Public Engagement Manager at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, shares with students how a modern green building works

Law and Tech

Nicole Orlov, Attorney at Atrium, and Christina Crosetti, head of operations at Atrium

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Christian Ulstrup, Strategy Program Manager at Arterys

What have students learned in this day?

“Storytelling, another approach to design thinking, how a law tech company works and technologies in the medical field."

"I learned much about AI and how industries are changing."

Day 4

Habit forming workshop

Yogeshwer Sharma, born in a small village in India with no running water and toilets, shares with students how small habits learned since childhood brought him to a PhD at Cornell University and to a position as an AI researcher at Facebook

Campus tour at Stanford

Trace Guzmán, freshman at Stanford, shares with students his life on campus and his story to get accepted at the prestigious university

The day ended with an event about Climate Change at the Commonwealth Club and a majestic sunset in SF

What have students learned in this day?

“How implementing small habits can lead you to your bigger goals."

"I might want to study in Stanford and all the tricks to habit forming."

"That Climate change is serious."

Day 5

Autodesk Gallery

Getting to know 3D printed prosthesis at the Autodesk Gallery

AI in Music and other industries

Christine Payne, Lead Researcher at OpenAI's Musenet, talks about how AI is changing music and other industries

CRISPR and Genetic Engineering

Susan Jenkins, Managing Director at Bekerley's Innovative Genomic Institute, explain CRISPR's tech to our students and how it is going to change the world

Inside Google Autonomous Car prototype in the Computer History Museum

What have students learned in this day?

“That programmers are going to be the best musicians of the future."

"The difference between GMOs and CRISPR modified cells."

"Super relevant. Specially for the mind (:"

Day 6

Free day / Visiting San Francisco

Visit to Salesforce Park

Commemorating Vrinda's Birthday at the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point

Day 7

Understanding the challenges of an early stage startup

Bruno Lucca, CEO of Zippi, and Ludmila Pontremolez, CTO of Zippi, share with students the challenges of a fintech startup accelerated by Ycombinator

Berkeley Campus Tour

Raul Valdez shares with students how is the life of an undergrad in the campus

What have students learned in this day?

“That you have to work hard to get where you want to be."

"The challenges of opening a startup and what a “MVP” is."

Day 8

The Art of Networking

The day started with the awesome Christen O'Brien, VP of Marketing at NFX Venture Capital, sharing her tips about the importance of networking

Visit to CafeX Robotic Coffee Bar

The Life of a Venture Capitalist

Eduardo Marques, Partner at Valiant Capital and investors of Uber, Pinterest and Dropbox, shares the details of what a venture capital firm does

What does a Google product manager do?

Bruno Orsini, from Google, shares what a product Manager at Google does

What have students learned in this day?

“What a venture capital does, the importance of “cold emails” and to what working at google is like."

Day 9

Bioprinting and Organ on a Chip

Solange Massa M.D. PhD, shares with students her research to bring drugs to the market faster and at a much lower cost

Running a Biotech Company

Ravi Pamnani, CEO of Intact Therapeutics, shares the challenges faced by a biotech startup and also give feedback to student's pitches

The Future of the Internet of Things

Michael Mckeena, shares with students his predictions about the future of IoT and tells the story on how he has sold his company at 26

How does an Accelerator Work

Michel Mosse, from the Plug and Play Venture Capital Team

What have students learned in this day?

“How biotechs solve medical problems, what it is like to have kids and be successful in a career, different applications of IoT ( with the possible outcomes) and what Plug and Play does."

Day 10

What is Your Passion Workshop

Devika Patel, Director of Design at Zuckerberg's General Better Lab, works with students so they can find out what they want to do

Our Demo Day was hosted at CI&T offices in Oakland, and counted with the feedback of Daniel Viveiros, CTO, and Dan Pieper, Head of Design

What have students learned in this day?

“I learnt how to voice my thoughts and ideas, take constructive criticism and I think today has kickstarted and assisted me in choosing a career."

"My strengths, what I want to do in my life. I literally almost cried on the workshop, don't know why."

Final Thoughts

This camp wouldn't be possible without our generous mentors and speakers. They are the reason our Innovation Camp got, once more, the maximum satisfaction score. Thank you for touching and changing the lives of so many students.

Also, we want to thank our students for being so polite, smart, engaged and good sports. You are the reason we do what we do.