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Winter '20 camp

Our 9th Innovation Camp ended on January 18. As usual, our students had the chance to interact with top speakers and mentors from Silicon Valley and also ask them profound and relevant questions. For the first time, we included two college students (19 yo) in our camp. Below is a snapshot of what students have seen and learned during these 10 days of lectures, workshops, mentorships and visits to startups and large companies.

Day 1

Silicon Valley Culture and Tech Trends

Reinaldo Normand, CEO of InnovaLab, talks about Silicon Valley Culture and the future of tech, ending with a demo of how computer vision works using Skydio 2 drone

Human Centered Design workshop

What have students learned in this day?

"How tech is starting an inevitable disruption in traditional industries."

“How technology may be dangerous, but also incredibly interesting, fun, useful and full of potential."

“An efficient and scientific way to deal with any problem."

"I’ve learned new ways to organize my thinking and direct my thoughts in order to find a problem on my own and how to focus and work on the problem in a brand new way."

Day 2

Storytelling workshop

Students learn the basics of storytelling with Seamus Yu Harte, Lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University

Intel Museum

Students are introduced to an ancient artefact called IBM PC

Learning about how computers work

Workshop: Garbage in Garbage out

Learning about the importance of communication and teamwork

What have students learned in this day?

“The power of storytelling and why it is such an important tool regardless of your profession."

"How little and complex is a microchip!"

"The importance of being able to communicate regardless the field or area you work."

Day 3

Autodesk Gallery / Amazon Go / Creator Restaurant visits

At the Autodesk Gallery, students experienced how many new products are developed by using CAD/CAM software
Students visit the cashierless Amazon Go Store
Hamburguer making robot designed exclusively for the Creator Restaurant in San Francisco

Visit to Amazon fulfilment center

At the Amazon 8th gen fulfilment center, students could understand the technology and robots behind the efficiency of the online retailer

What have students learned in this day?

“The ways we can use technology to help in a company, as in Amazon fulfilment centers, are very brilliant. Visiting the stores also have shown me how is the future of retail."

"I learned how very complicated tech has already been implemented in everyday tasks."

Day 4

Innovation Day at Homestead High School

Christian Ulstrup, strategy product manager at Arterys, shares with students the advancements of artificial intelligence in medical exams
Daniel Rosenfeld, from Google, explains the differences between classical and Quantum Computers
Susan Jenkins, managing director at Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute, teaches students about CRISPR and genetic engineering
Students ask many questions to speakers after the presentations
The day ended with a beautiful sunset at Stanford Dish

What have students learned in this day?

“The many possibilities of applying CRISPR, Quantum Computers and AI in different fields and how important they might be in the future."

"How AI will influence our future; what can happen when using CRISPR."

Day 5

Free day - Visiting San Francisco

Day 6

Behind Amazon Music

Kintan Brahmbhatt, Director at Amazon Music, Video and IMDB, shares with students the successful strategies for success at Amazon

Berkeley Admissions Presentation

Our students listen to Marcia Breslin-Cantillana, assistant Director of Admissions at UC Berkeley

Innovation Genomics Institute Lab Tour + Q&A

Students had many questions about CRISPR and Susan Jenkins PhD was kind enough to answer all of them before we toured the labs
At the UC Berkeley's IGI, students could experience first hand from Luzminda Hilario, Ph.D. how CRISPR experiments were done
Myeong-Je Cho, Ph.D., Director and PI of Plant Genomics and Transformation Facility, shows some cool science to students

Day 7

Visiting the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC)

Rachel Magraf, a PhD student at Stanford in Applied Physics, explains more about the science being conducted at SLAC

Stanford Admissions presentation

Students toured the Stanford Campus after a closed door admissions presentation

How to build a successful app

David Brittain, CEO and founder of Concepts, a popular sketch app on iPad, shares his journey with students

Moving around in Robotic Cars

Sugandha Sangal, Product Manager at Waymo, explains to students all the considerations when developing a self-driving car

What have students learned in this day?

"There are different types of particle accelerators and they are more interesting than I previously thought."

"Stanford is one of the few universities that encourage the autonomy and creativity of the students, whilst still keeping a focus on innovation and technology."

“ It was a good opportunity to understand more about how to create a startup and how to define your business model."

"Business models might evolve with time according to the users’ feedback."

"Building autonomous cars is way more complex than I imagined, especially because they are “social robots” that interact with humans constantly."

Day 8

The tech behind Uber Freight

The day started with a cool behind the scenes on Uber Freight, with Jennie Nguyen, Sr. staff engineer

Coding is easier than you think / Life at Google

As usual, the Google cloud developer relations folks were super generous with their time and advice
The view from Google San Francisco office is not bad at all! Thank you Sandeep for hosting us!

The Art of Networking

Christen O'Brien, VP of Marketing at NFX Venture Capital, shared her awesome tips about the importance of networking

The life of an entrepreneur

Dan Stern, CEO of ALBA, candidly shares the pros and cons of his entrepreneurial journey

The future of videos (and many other things)

Sam Bhattacharyya, CEO of Vectorly, discusses video compression, his entrepreneurial journey, Quantum computers and much more!

What have students learned in this day?

"What Uber Freight is and how it is trying to disrupt a market that isn’t broadly discussed in the media."

"I learned how uber works, how Google is inside and how employees see the company,"

"Talking about networking made me understand more about it and I am sure it is gonna be very useful for my future."

"Failure isn’t the opposite of success, not trying is the real opposite of success."

“How motivated and driven some individuals are despite countless failures in their career."

"Life is full of unexpected turns and failures, nevertheless this doesn’t mean that dreams can’t or won’t be achieved: every story of success starts with big down moments. The hardest, but most important part, is overcoming the lows and moving on with new ideas."

Day 9

Running a Biotech Company

Ravi Pamnani, CEO of Intact Therapeutics, shares the challenges faced by a biotech startup

How self driving cars see the world

Kate Park, Sr. AI Product Manager, shares with students how Tesla cars see the world and take them for an autonomous ride later on

The future of medicine

Robson Capasso, the head of sleep surgery at Stanford, shares with students the advances in medicine

What have students learned in this day?

"Different factors need to be considered in order to define a drug’s price due to the amount of people that will be indirectly or directly affected by it."

"I have seen how far technology has reached when it comes to health and autonomous driving and how software is involved in both fields."

"I got to see a new look about medicine, I was almost converted to working with tech (haha, Park you got me) and also I could learn a lot about drugs market and biotech."

Day 10

What is Your Passion Workshop

Devika Patel, Director of Design at Zuckerberg's General Better Lab, works with students so they can find out what they want to do

Demo Day

Students present their projects to the judges during our demo day
Shuchi Rana, head of SAP Accelerator in SF, and Tim Salau, CEO of Guide, give students feedback
The end of another great program!

What have students learned in this day?

“I learned more about myself and what I want to do in the future. Also, I could train how to pitch, which I feel like it will be really important to me soon."

"That often we believe less in ourselves than others do. This is why we should not underestimate ourselves."

"To make a good pitch you have to get the VC attention in the first minute."

Final Thoughts

This camp wouldn't be possible without our generous mentors and speakers. They are the reason our Innovation Camp got, once more, the maximum satisfaction score. Thank you for touching and changing the lives of so many students.

Also, we want to thank our students for being so polite, smart, engaged and good sports. You are the reason we do what we do.

To apply to our next camps go to: https://www.innovalab.us/programs